Barry Reed has been importing and exporting food commodities for over 50 years

Barry Reed Associates Ltd are based in London, UK and uphold our values of customer service, quality and efficiency in everything we do. We are also proud to be a Member of Pulses UK.  

As well as exploring new products we are also experienced in the trade and shipping of:
– Butter ghee
– Coffee
– Dried Fruits
– Edible Nuts
– Feeds
– Grains
– Herbs and Spices
– Peas, Beans and Pulses
– Rice
– Seeds
– Whisky
– Vegetable oils

If you think we can help your business succeed email us at  

Postal address: 19 Boscombe Road,
Worcester Park, KT4 8PJ, UK
Telephone: +44 (0) 7711 677 636

Registered in England No. 5002028      
VAT Registration No. 837 4020 41